If you come to Einsiedeln by car, there are two parking options:

A: Public car park at the Klosterplatz. Parking fees (between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.)

CHF 0.50 for 30 minutes
CHF 1.00 for 1 hour
CHF 2.00 for 1 ½ hours
CHF 3.00 for 2 hours
CHF 4.00 for 2 ½ hours
CHF 5.00 for 3 hours (maximum)

B: Parking garage Kloster/Brüel

The parking garage Brüel is just a five minute walk from the hotel. You can buy a special ticket at Reception at the reduced price of   CHF 12.00 for 24 hours. Alternatively, there is a special ticket valid up to one week at CHF 12.00 (one exit only). If necessary, our receptionist will give you more information.